Leadership Santa Fe cultivates a network of community leaders.

Leadership Santa Fe’s array of programs are designed to enhance leadership resources for the community of Santa Fe. We accomplish this by giving civic-minded people a vehicle for their community-oriented energies, and providing access to community leaders and policy makers by offering three programs: The Adult Program, The Graduate Program, and the Youth Leadership Santa Fe Program.

In the Adult Program, thirty Leadership Santa Fe participants will, over the course of eight months, attend workshops focused on building leadership skills, and sessions dedicated to various civic awareness topics. Participants meet with established leaders in county and city governments, business, education, human services and the arts, and explore ways to meet the challenges of Santa Fe’s future.

This integrated form of leadership building ensures that each individual identifies their strengths as a leader in the community, learns how to work with others to find sustainable solutions, and cultivates a network of community leaders. For more information, and to research our other programs, click APPLY NOW!

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